Youth Grade Reports from Coach Kevin:

Thirroul 1 Fernhill 5

Fernhill scored twice in the first half to go to the half time break 2-1 up  after playing some entertaining football. The Fernhill lads returned from the break to go on with the job scoring 3 times, Mitchell Turner received the man of the match after scoring twice he put in a faultless performance . Jaksen Giraldi, Cody Jones and Klaus Rauker scored  a classic goal. Fernhill went on to win the game.

Helensburgh 4 Fernhill 2

This game was to see who would take the league champions title, Fernhill played well for 20 minutes then it was quite clear Helensburgh were a class outfit. Fernhill were down 0-2 at half time, Helensburgh scored two more to lead 0-4 but to Fernhill's credit they were never going to give up and Guy McRae scored a double. Helensburgh are the bench mark and are sending that message loud and clear to all the top teams. Andrew Drapps got the man of the match, Andrew gave his all.

Fernhill 5 Berkeley 0

Last game of the comp we didnt set the world on fire in this game, to Berkeley's credit they just kept plugging away. Cody Jones scored 3 goals, Osca Corby 1, Jaksen Giraldi  1, Liam Brown received the man of the match. Semi finals contain some quality sides Helensburgh, Wests, Warilla, Thirroul, you cant afford not to be playing at your best.