Fernhill 2 vs Wests Illawarra 2

Saturday 9/04/2016 saw Fernhill Reserve Grade take on West Illawarra Football Club at Ray Robertson Oval.

Fernhill started the game well looking to knock the ball around and be creative in attack. They created several good chances but were either prevented from scoring by a good save from the Wests keeper or were caught off side.


Fernhill 3 vs West Illawarra 7

We started the match in fine style looking like a team on a mission to take the points it wasn't long before Liam Brown scored to lead 1-0, Wests not long after made it 1-1 with an own goal, Fernhill retaliated with  another goal by Kyle Proctor to lead 2-1.


Scores from today's games against West Illawarra.
Youth Grade lost 7-3 (9 man team)
Man of the Match: Lachlan O'Gorman
Reserve Grade Draw 2-2
Man of the Match: Nathan Thompson
First Grade Won 1-0
Man of the Match: Dale White
Well Done Foxes

Kiama 2 vs Fernhill 2

I felt an 'air of complacency' as we prepared for our game v Kiama. Kiama were a much better side than they 'rolled out' for the Frat Cup and it showed. Their 7, 9 and 11 were 'sharp.'

Akira got caught in 'no man's land' which resulted in us being 0-1 down. Our general play was good. We tried to move the ball around, quickly, on a very spongy field.


Kiama 3 vs Fernhill 4

Saturday 2 April Fernhill Reserve Grade had its first road trip for the season to take on Kiama.

Following a slow start the Kiama side took a 1-0 lead. Pleasingly the Fernhill side rallied and equalised with a great goal from Dean Majoor.

A second goal before half time saw the Fernhill team go into the break with a 2-1 lead.