Fernhill 5 vs University 1

Saturday 30/04/2016 saw the Fernhill Foxes Reserve Grade take on University FC at Ray Robertson Oval.

Fernhill started this match strongly with plenty of work off the ball and looking to move the ball with speed. Defensively they were very sound.

Fernhill created a number of good chances in the first half and Toby Napper, Ross Graham and Dean Morosin all picked up a goal.

There should have been further chances however Fernhill allowed play to slow down to a tempo which better suited the University side. This played into University's hand and they were able to frustrate Fernhill and prevent any further goal scoring chances. So at half time Fernhill lead 3-0.

The University side come out and showed an increased work rate after the break trying to take the game to Fernhill. The Fernhill side to their credit continued to look to move the ball around and create chances.

Half way through the second half the Fernhill side started to get loose in defence allowing University some opportunities the attack and create chances. Eventually one of those chances paid off and the University side picked up a goal.

Fernhill picked up two further goals in the second half; a nice individual effort by Dean Morosin who picked up a double, and a goal to Liam Brown who came on late as a substitute.

The final score ended up 5-1 to Fernhill.

Good performances were shown by the entire team, working together effectively as a unit. The Reserve Grade side is improving each game at this stage which is very pleasing.

Mick Rowles

Man of the Match:Toby Napper

NAPPER Toby resized