Congratulations to our coaches : Dan McGoldrick, Mick Rowles and Kevin Chilby for getting their respective teams through to the South Coast Football's GRAND  FINALS.

To ALL of our players  - THANK YOU for your effort and dedication, for your support of Fernhill  - we are proud of you !

The results of the Grand Finals will not change the fact that we are the CLUB  CHAMPIONS of 2016.  It is a recognition of a club who gets all of their teams into the grand finals ; an achievement that is not easy to obtain.   So again  - WELL  DONE  Coaches'

We invite you all to come along to WIN Stadium this Saturday 24th to cheer on the boys.

Go the FOXES !!!!!!!

For the record: Fernhill Won this award in 2004, 2005 and 2007 and now in 2016  - what a Club !!