Scores from today's games against Kiama.
Youth Grade - won 3-0
Man of the Match: Kyle Proctor
Reserve Grade - won 4-3
Man of the Match: Kallin James-Shipton
First Grade - draw 2-2
Man of the Match: Akira Tatsubayashi

Fernhill 1 vs Corrimal 1

A more difficult first round could not have been imagined but, in many ways, playing Corrimal was the best thing for the Club.

Youthies won 5-1 and were gracious in victory, a testament to their moral fibre.

Rather than focus on the 'chances' missed, our young men must focus on the 'chances' created. 5-1 was a great result. Be proud of your achievements:


Fernhill 4 vs Corrimal 1

Well the preseason work is done and we have finally reached the season start. Friday 25/03/2016 (Good Friday) saw Fernill Foxes Reserve Grade take on Corrimal Rangers at Ray Robertson Oval.

This game was the first real game for this side so it was a little unclear of what we might expect from this team being quite a different side from last season.